WorkReady Supported Employment Services

WorkReady began in May of 2007 with the mission of assisting individuals with mild disabilities to navigate the job market in order to become employed.  Partnering with the Texas Workforce Commission and local employers, WorkReady has helped both employers, and individuals with disabilities to find more than 1000 successful job matches.

WorkReady’s team of certified Employment Specialists provides employers with interview candidates for their job vacancies whose qualifications and suitability for the job have been pre-determined through assessment and background screening. When needed, WorkReady provides these individuals and their employers with competency-based, on-the-job support, to ensure that they perform their job duties satisfactorily and become integrated into the corporate culture of the employer.

These services are provided at no cost to either the employers or the individuals we serve.

With teams in Dallas-Fort Worth, Austin and San Antonio, WorkReady is READY to assist you with all of your employment needs.  For more information, please use the contact form on the right.