For Counselors

WorkReady is contracted to provide Supported Employment, Job Placement, Job Coaching, Walgreens Embedded Training, Vocational Adjustment Training, Autism and Work Experience services.  All of our Employment Specialists are required to complete Job Coaching/Job Skills Training, Job Placement, and Supported Employment certification training through UNT before providing direct services to consumers.  In addition, Employment Specialists remain up-to-date with the latest advances in our field by studying and earning CEU’s, which are necessary in order to maintain their certification.

WorkReady’s success is directly tied to our team approach.  Each WorkReady team includes a Program Coordinator who manages a staff of Employment Specialists.  Our Program Coordinators and Employment Specialists live and work in the area where your consumers live.  This allows them to be more efficient in their search for employment opportunities and to be aware of any new employment opportunities as soon as they become available.  Program Coordinators are certified and experienced in consumer assessment, which is the foundation of a successful employment outcome.  In addition, our Program Coordinators serve as case managers for their consumers.  They are knowledgeable and involved in all aspects of the job search, placement, stability and closure and are expert in resolving issues raised by consumers, employers or Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors.  Once WorkReady begins services to your consumers, you will receive a weekly written update to keep you informed of our progress with your consumers.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors who would like to know more about our services are invited to contact us.

Vocational Rehabilitation Counselors who wish to make a referral may do so by completing and submitting a WorkReady Referral form.